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Offering a Bespoke Property Management Service

With 15 years of experience working with Edinburgh’s leading estate agent and property manager, working in all different aspects of the property industry, I am now set to manage your property the way you want it done, offering a bespoke property management service.

With the valuable experience gained in this larger organisation, working in various aspects of property management, I have a strong understanding and passion for lettings, and in the process found a growing need from landlords and tenants to receive a more personal service where they could be treated as individuals. Having established myself as a respectable property professional in Edinburgh, i made the move to use the best of my experiences and formed a business in residential property offering a variety of services tailored to your needs. Now managing my own properties and those of family and friends, and through word of mouth, the business has gone from strength to strength in a short space of time, and continues to grow.

Gregor Fortune

Gregor Fortune


Tel. No 0131 297 7544
Mobile 07717737597

Lorna Rew

Lorna Rew

Assistant Property Manager

Tel No 0131 516 9756
Mobile 07927 549455

Laura Baird

Laura Baird

Accounts Manager

Tel No 0131 516 9756

Alastair Black

Alastair Black


Tel No. 0131 516 9756

  • Dear Gregor,

    Just to let you know how pleased we are with the apartment you recommended in Edinburgh. Until we contacted you the task of finding suitable accommodation was very difficult, because property inspections were impossible from Australia. The reports on several flats you sent to us before arriving in Edinburgh, made selection of our flat a simple choice.
    Thanks also for meeting us at the hotel and settling us into the apartment - an unexpected bonus.
    Your fee for service was very reasonable considering your attention to detail and final result.
    Feel free to pass on our comments to any future clients who desire a reference.

    Best regards

    Ken and Jan Garland Relocation
  • As we live in the North East of England, I would not have been able to have done this successfully without you. Without your intervention with the agent of the flats that we like they would always be gone before we can get them. Also you have taken us to see some areas that may seem great online and to others - that are - undesirable to me, a key factor I would not have known. You also helped my daughter and I to get to an understanding of what KIND of flat we are looking for, her version vs. mine and a happy medium to be achieved. All these things could have had devastating 6 month unwanted repercussions.

    J. Brown Relocation
  • Our daughter had a bad experience with a previous property management company and we we're apprehensive about letting property again, that was until we met Gregor at a flat she wanted to rent. Gregor set everything up for us with the utilities etc. and explained all the legal stuff, he assured us that if there were any problems whatsoever he would sort them out. Turns out he was a man of his word. During Fiona's stay at the property we needed a couple of minor repairs done, he took them on board and had them fixed in no time at all. When Fiona left he went out his way to ensure she even had a refund on the rent by marketing the property quickly. Gregor really puts his customers first. Many thanks Gregor.

    Tom Begg Tenants father
  • My husband and I were fortunate enough to meet Gregor at the referral of a friend after she heard of our struggles arranging accommodation. We were trying to plan our move to Edinburgh from the United States and were having a terrible time lining up a place to live. Flats were going quicker than they were being posted online; we would call several letting agents in one day only to find that all had already been let. It was very frustrating, especially because we were busy trying to wrap up things in the States. When we hired Gregor--for a very reasonable rate--we were so relieved to have someone living in Edinburgh to take the process over for us. We gave him our preferences for flats and he arranged viewings on our behalf. He sent us photos of the flats, negotiated with landlords, and made arrangements for paperwork. It was such a relief when he found a place just right for us! We were able to sign the lease and move in just hours after our flight landed in Edinburgh. He also was kind enough to set us up with broadband--on a student contract--so we were up and running right away. We would both highly recommend Gregor and his services. He is professional and kind.

    Dani and Neal Lutz
  • That’s great Gregor, thanks.

    I must say I’m really delighted with your service – it’s night and day compared to everything I’ve had before. Might even be tempted to buy another flat now!

    B. Jakobsen New landlord
  • Thanks so much Gregor you have done a brilliant job on all of this. Hopefully they will be low maintenance and lovely tenants!
    Have a great weekend and thanks for making this whole process as simple and easy as possible.

    D. Munro D. Munro - Landlord
  • I really have enjoyed living here this past year and your company has unquestionably been the best letting agency I’ve dealt with in the past 8 years living in Edinburgh (and I’ve rented a fair few flats during that time). I really appreciate how you’ve always responded to any issues that have arisen quickly and always used highly professional contractors out to the property.

    A.Gaukroger A.Gaukroger - Tenant
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